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We are now hiring for the following positions. Please click the links to download full job descriptions.

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Please return completed applications to Sunnyside Christian School, 811 North Avenue, Sunnyside, WA 98944.

If you have questions, please call Rosie Haak at (509)830-1427. 


SCS Child Care Center Questionairre

We are excited to announce that Sunnyside Christian School is hoping to open a Child Care Center in August 2018! The Center will be located inside Sunnyside Christian Reformed Church, located at 700 North 16th Street in Sunnyside.

Children or siblings of children enrolled at Sunnyside Christian School will have first priority in filling our Child Care Center. We hope that providing this service makes before, during and after school child care easier for our families. We will then extend this invitation for quality Christian child care to our community for the remaining places.

As we continue our planning process, we need some input from you. Please take a few minutes to fill out the following questionaire. Your name and email address are required answers. Your information will not be shared or used outside of the planning of this SC Child Care Center.


Sunnyside Christian Child Care Center:

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2. Are you interested in enrolling your child at Sunnyside Christian Child Care Center?* (1 required)
3. If yes or maybe, what age will your child(ren) be on August 1, 2018?* (1 required)
4. What hours will your child(ren) need care?* (1 required)
5. Do you currently have children enrolled at Sunnyside Christian School?* (1 required)
6. Do you plan on having a child enrolled at Sunnyside Christian School in August 2018?* (1 required)
7. The SC Child Care Center will require several staff. Are you interested in any of the following jobs?
8. Would you be willing to serve on the Start-up Committee or on the Board of Directors?

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