Christian Parenting Resources

This page is a source for parents to help them find information on raising children, articles on Christian education, and links to excellent web-sites that can help parents with advice, encouragement, and Christian values.  Even though we are just starting this page, our entire staff is already reading and submitting articles, links to services, and quality web-sites for parent use.  Keep checking for updates to see what might interest you or help you as Christian parents!

  • Bright Minds - Poor Grades

    Would you like to better understand how to motivate underachieving children?  Dr. Michael D. Whitley has written an excellent book called Bright Minds - Poor Grades.  This book is a parent's guide for developing the child's inner will to achieve.  Check it out!

  • Focus on the Family

    This website offers Christian advice on everything from preschoolers to high schoolers, potty training to bullying, and marriage to single parenthood.

  • Risk Aversion

    Why did my teen try that?  This article explains why teens try risky behaviors and helps parents understand what is actually going on in the mind of a teenager.

  • An Open Letter to my Parents

    A child writes to her parents reminding them of their priorities as parents 

  • Do Not Blame the Children

    The term "delinquent" fits adults too!

  • How to Raise a Crook
    A "recipe" on how "not" to bring up a child (Proverbs 22:6)
  • We're Proud of You
    These wise parents learned the transforming power of positive words.
  • 18 Ways to Motivate Your Children
    You as parents can help your children reach their goals. 18 ideas written by Gary Smalley!
  • Must the Family Suffer?. . . Advice for Moms
    A mother tells how she copes with the big question: to work or not?
  • Tips For Parents of Underachievers

    Ideas of how parents can motivate a child who is an underachiever in school. Includes ideas for monitoring your child's work and getting help from their teacher.

  • Cell Phones vs. the Bible

    What would happen if we treated our Bibles the same way we treat our cell phones?

  • Everything I Ever Really Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

    Great advice for us all.  Simple things to say and do that we learned a long time ago!