Mrs. De Boer

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    Michelle De Boer
    Elementary PE and High School Spanish Teacher
    Where are you from? Picture four-wheelers, mud-pies, bare feet and messy hair and you will picture my childhood (some things haven't changed). I grew up on a small family orchard just up the valley in Wapato, WA. We lived within a mile of both sets of my grandparents. My husband Dan and I met while working in a warehouse three miles from my home. Dan grew up in Zillah and attended Sunnyside Christian. Now we live in Outlook within 20 minutes from our families and have three kids, all of them attending SCS.   What was your school like growing up? I attended the Wapato school system and it was a good experience for me - I have always loved school. I was in bi-lingual classes for 1st-2nd grade and surrounded by a variety of cultures there which I believe developed a love for language.  From sports to clubs, I was active in anything I could get my hands on. With a graduating class of 125, we were bigger than Sunnyside Christian, but we were still a small community and I appreciated that. I attended EWU for a year and ultimately graduated from WSU. Why are you excited to teach Spanish and PE?  Ever since I can remember, Spanish has intrigued me and I have always been physically active. God knows my heart and prepared me for these two positions. Change and variety are my spices of life and these both offer those in their own unique ways. What do you like to do when you aren't teaching? When I am not teaching, I enjoy exercising, reading, crafting, gardening and hopping in our van to visit friends around the state.  What's your favorite Bible verse and why? To pin down a favorite Bible verse is nearly impossible - so many verses touch me in different ways for different reasons.  However, my first verse I memorized as a Christian was, "I have hidden your word in my heart so that I might not sin against you,"  Psalm 119:11.  This verse to me is a springboard for my faith, I was reminded God does work in me while I seek Him out, it is a two-way relationship.   What's your favorite snack? Who can pinpoint a favorite snack? Leftovers? Pico de gallo? Good farm fresh fruit? Chocolate chip cookies? I have never been able to answer the age-old question, "If you were stranded on a desert island and could bring one food, what would you bring?" 

Spanish Class


Our classes use the follwing McDougal Littell Textbooks as our primary resources.  

(Point of interest:  Access games and activities created by the publishers through these links!)

Class Zone Esp. 1

Class Zone Esp. 2

Class Zone Esp. 3


With the aid of a new friend, George Head, a retired teacher with 50+ years of Spanish experience, I adopted then adapted the
TPRS teaching style
from Blaine & Von Ray to suit our schools adopted curriculum  - the En Español series.
This curriclulum uses story-telling in the target language to maximize Spanish exposure and maintain student interest.  

Textbooks are on our class and available to students; however vocabulary lists, stories & grammar practices will be given in class to students to take home.  Below and in the left-hand side of the teacher links, one can access all lists and extra activities we will be using in class.