Mrs. Rodriguez

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    Estela Rodriguez
    4th Grade Teacher

    Where are you from? Sunnyside, WA Tell us about your family. I was born and raised in Edinburg, TX, to a Christian, Mexican-American family. I have 6 sisters and 1 brother, all married and serve God. What was your school like growing up? There was no modern, new technology available during my school years like there is now. All the teachers lectured, no hands-on activities or group/cooperative learning activities. Lecture, lecture, lecture. There was nothing to do but learn. I'm glad I did, and I had the support of my parents helping me. Why do you like teaching 4th grade? Since my passion is teaching, it doesn't matter what grade level it is. Our children are the future of tomorrow. I enjoy seeing their success and accomplishing their goals.  What do you like to do when you aren't teaching? Helping my husband in his small farm, garden work, reading/studying the Bible, going with my husband on bike runs and attending church. What is your favorite Bible verse? Psalm 23 was my mom's vavorite Psalm, and Psalm 91 was my mother-in-law's favorite one. Both are my favorite. What is your favorite snack? Mexican sweet bread!