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The following are active links to our class vocabulary lists, verb conjugation, and practice tests for your convenience.  

Please use the Class Zone links on the far right column to quiz yourself on the focus of each Etapa.  Many of these questions wil be on our tests. 

A quick search for ANY of the grammar concepts below in the links on the right or through Youtube, quia, kahoot, quizlet, etc... will provide you with information and practice.

Please note that although this is Español 2, because of the pacing in our classes third year students will not necesarily be using Español 3 lists.  These titles refer to the book from which this information is taken.  



Greetings & Introductions, Likes & Dislikes, People & Places, Information, School life, Vocabulary Review

Etapa Preliminar Vocabulary, Grammar & Useful Phrases



Unidad 1 Etapa 1 Vocabulario (U1E1)
Talk about past:  Regular Preterite Verbs & Preterite -CAR, -GAR, -ZAR verbs; Irregular Preterite Verbs:  IR, SER, HACER, DAR, VER
Unidad 1 Etapa 2 Vocabulario (U1E2)
Vocab game, Stem-Changing verbs:  e-->i, u-->ue; Talk about the Past using IRREGULAR PRETERITE VERBS     
Unidad 1 Etapa 3 Vocabulario (U1E3)
Vocabulary, Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns, Stem-Changing Verbs in the Preterite


Unidad 2

Unidad 2 Etapa 1 Vocabulario (U2E1)
Vocabulary; Possessive Adjectives & Pronouns; Reflexive Verbs;  Talk About the Past Using the Imperfect, Imperfect Verb, Irregular Imperfect Verbs
Unidad 2 Etapa 2 Vocabulario (U2E2)
VocabularioThe Progressive Tenses, Talk about the Past using the Preterite AND the Imperfect Together
Unidad 2 Etapa 3 Vocabulario (U2E3)
Vocabulary; Direct Object Pronouns, Indirect Object Pronouns, Double Object Pronouns


Unidad 3

Unidad 3 Etapa 1 Vocabulario (U3E1)
Pronoun Placement; Give Formal Commands using usted/ustedes; Commands & Pronoun Placement.
Unidad 3 Etapa 2 Vocabulario (U3E2)
Affirmative Commands, Negative tú Commands, Adverbs Ending in -MENTE
Unidad 3 Etapa 3 Vocabulario (U3E3)
Hacer expressions of time, Subjunctive with Impersonal Expressions

Unidad 4

Unidad 4 Etapa 1 Vocabulario (U4E1)
Subjunctive to Express Hopes & Wishes; Irregular Subjunctive Forms
Unidad 4 Etapa 2 Vocabulario (U4E2)
Subjunctive Stem Changes:  -AR, -ER Verbs; Stem-Changing -IR Verbs in the Subjunctive; The Subjunctive & the Infinitive
Unidad 4 Etapa 3 Vocabulario (U4E3)
Comparatives & Superlatives; The Subjunctive with Expressions of Doubt & Emotions

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Sudyspanish.com is a great resource.  They offer free lessons, activities and quizzes.  You do have to pay to access the entire site but I included a few links that will take you to direct grammar lessons for your convenience.

To study a certain grammar lesson, search within the studyspanish.com website using the grammar concept found under the vocabulary lists on the left of this page.  After reading, take the basic quiz to test your comprehension.